A Community of Voices

Radio for the People, Powered by the People


It’s no secret. A Community of Voices runs a tight operation on an even tighter budget.
I am a proud member of the independent media and am not paid by any station, sponsor, or company for producing A Community of Voices.  That ensures I remains completely, 100% independent from the corporate media bias and outside pressure.But it also means that A Community of Voices does not get any funding.And that is where you come in.
Do you want to support independent, alternative news sources?

Why not consider making a contribution to A Community of Voices today? Your donations are what drives and powers the show, and ensures that I can deliver you the in-depth and real world content you deserve.

For $5, I’ll post your name on the site as a sponsor.
For $10, I’ll send you a disc with your four favorite shows, and everything above.
For $25, I’ll send you a “A Community of Voices” t-shirt, and everything above.
For $50, I’ll send you the entire the entire anthology of A Community of Voices.
For $100, I’ll send you a special gift and announce your name over the air.

So what do you say? Want spread independent news and make sure that our voices are thoroughly heard throughout our community?  Why not support A Community of Voices today!


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