Update on the Anna Louise Inn

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A few months back, I had Mr. Stephen MacConnell on the show to discuss what was the on-going debate and battle between corporate abuses on the people.  For months and years, the Cincinnati Union Bethel, the non-profit which owns the Anna Louise Inn, had been fighting Western and Southern Insurance Company over the right for women to stay in their homes.  
It is with great sorrow that the Cincinnati Union Bethel agreed yesterday to sell the Anna Louise Inn to Western and Southern and move the women else where.  While the exact terms of the agreement are not public, it is a necessity to remember that when the people raise their voices, YOU can heard.  While this may be a loss for equality, we cannot let this set the precedent for future corporate actions.  
For a timeline of the events concerning the Anna Louise Inn and how the campaign has come to a final close, click here to visit the Cincinnati Union Bethel’s website.  
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