American Politics and History

Archived Episodes

150 Years After: Lincoln and the Emancipation Proclamation with Prof. Allen Guelzo (including audio)

A True View of New Orleans with Jordan Flaherty

An Industry of Climate Denial with Craig Rosebraugh (including audio)

As Goes Florida, So Goes the Nation with Supervisor of Elections Bill Cowles

Catholic Social Teaching with Sister Simone Campbell

Class in the United States with Congressman Barney Frank

Guilty of Free Speech with Beau Hodai (including audio)

Hidden Stories from America’s Beginnings with Kenneth Davis (including audio)

Homelessness in the United States with Neil Donovan

Isolation of the President with Ken Walsh (including audio)

Oil, Democracy and US Military Intervention: 1953 Iran with Stephen Kinzer

Privacy in the Modern Age with Derek Brett

Remembering the Trail of Tears with AJ Lannguth

The American Presidency with Dr. Drew Lanier

The Case for Reducing Pentagon Spending with Tila Neguse (including audio)

The Case for Two Presidents with David Orentlicher (including audio)

The Dark Side of the Elections with Andy Kroll

The Future of Feminism with Erin Matson

The S Word: Socialism with Maria Svart


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