Zenergy: Music and Life – Interview with Victor Wooten

Zenergy: Music and Life

March 27, 2013

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Zenergy: Music and Life with Victor Wooten

Hello and welcome back to A Community of Voices, Radio for the People, Powered by the People.

For years I have been listening to Victor Wooten.  The range and depth and complexities that he is able to get out of the bass just astounds me every time.
But more than his music, his view on life blows me away.  Victor has a keen sense of the world and is able to succinctly and effectively link music and life together. 
While quietly advocating for peace and love and equality, Victor has produced a huge fan base that adores his music and adores his views.
My guest this week on A Community of Voices is bass virtuouso, author and composer, Victor Wooten.
To find out more about Victor Wooten, or to find out how you can see him in concert, visit his website at victorwooten.com
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Democratizing Food: Overcoming A Foodopoly

Hello and welcome back to A Community of Voices.
A board game that I loved playing as a child, and still enjoy playing today is monopoly.  As a child, I remember moving around the board and wanting, so greatly, just to control the prize piece of real estate, Boardwalk.
Looking back, I now see that I was actively trying to succeed in gaining an unfair advantage of the system, that I was trying to achieve the slanted economic theory of a monopoly.  A monopoly occurs when a single or small number of individuals or companies, own the majority of an industry.  Throughout US history, it has occurred in oil and in railroads and in telecommunications. 

But what about food? Has our food system, he planting, and growing, and harvesting, and even the sale of food been slowly making its way into the hands of a few powerful companies?
My guest this week is Wenonah Hauter, the Executive Director of Food and Water Watch, and the author of the new book Foodopoly: The Battle Over the Future of Food and Farming in America.
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Political Police Force: COINTELPRO and the FBI

Hello and welcome back to A Community of Voices.

COINTELPRO. It’s not the next new video game or your upgraded computer system.

COINTELPRO stands for the Counter Intelligence program, a secret FBI operation that ran from 1956 until 1971. Their job: disrupt change, oppress dissent, and spy on the American People.

The agents working under this federal program, and the under the direction of the President of the United States, are said to have infiltrated protest movements, murdered activists, and put an end to some accounts of social change.

But there is so little still known about the program. Even though its has it has been over 40 years since the program was disbanded, let alone the declassification of documents, leaked documents to the press, and an official Senate hearing, the United States and activists are still reeling from the after-effects.

My guest this week is Claude Marks, a former political prisoner and the Executive Director of the Freedom Archives.  He is also the producer of the film, COINTELPRO 101.

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Retrospective: One Year of A Community of Voices

Hello and welcome back to A Community of Voices.

This week, A Community of Voices is celebrating its one year anniversary. Starting on one station, WSLR, in Sarasota, Florida, it has grown to become a nationally syndicated program.

This week’s episode features a number of guests who I have greatly enjoyed speaking with over the year, and have learned something from.

My guests this week include:
Eli – a formerly undocumented immigrant (now Deferred Action recipient), activist, and community organizer who tells me about coming to the US and why she fights for justice.
Ray Krone – the 100th person exonerated from death row in the United States, and an activist with Witness to Innocence. Ray spoke with me about how his experience affects his faith in the criminal justice system.
Neil Donovan – the Exective Director of the National Coalition for the Homeless. Neil speaks with me about how society’s perception on homelessness has changed, and how it has led to the criminalization of homelessness.
Iara Lee – filmmaker (Cultures of Resistance, The Suffering Grasses) and international peace activist (Cultures of Resistance Network). Iara spoke with me about the global significance of the Syrian conflict.
Stephen Kinzer – author (All the Shah’s Men, Overthrow, Reset). Stephen speaks with me about if military intervention can ever be a good thing.
Mickey Huff – Executive Director of Project Censored – Mickey speaks with me about the rise of the police state
Jill Stein – US Presidential Candidate for the Green Party. Jill spoke with about the politics of courage.

I would like to thank everyone that has supported me and helped me throughout the year, especially all of my guests and Arlene with WSLR.

Here’s to the many more years to come of A Community of Voices.